Moroccan Animal Rights Activists Demonstrate in front of Parliament

Moroccan Animal Rights Activists Demonstrate in front of Parliament

Moroccan Animal Activists
Moroccan Animal Rights Activists

A couple of Moroccan animal rights activists demonstrated in front of the Moroccan Parliament against the deteriorating living conditions animals have to bear in the country, especially in the Ain Sbaa zoo.

One of the activists was reported saying the following:”It is inconceivable that an animal in the Ain Sbaa zoo can not eat for more than 15 days. This is a disaster!”

Another activist, who is the legal godmother of 4 polar bears, raped the Zoo authorities for not allowing her neither to see nor to feed her four bears.

The activist added that regarding the protection of animals, “the authorities should be more vigilant against the abuse experienced by those beings in various zoos of the kingdom.”

“This is blatant animals abuse that we think all Moroccans should stand against. We live in an Islamic country. This is against Islamic principles… here in Morocco animals are treated very very badly,” another activist furiously said.

It is worth pointing out that the Ain Sbaa Zoo is going through a catastrophic situation, to say the least.

Check the video underneath for more info on the Zoo’s deteriorating circumstances.

The Moroccan Times