China to Intensify Undersea Search for Malaysian MH370

China to Intensify Undersea Search for Malaysian MH370

China Maritime Search and Rescue Center said on Monday that it would adjust search operations for flight MH370 and intensify the underwater search.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said earlier on Monday that the search of the missing aircraft would enter a new phase with seabed searches expanded to a much larger area, Xinhua reported.

The Chinese center said it would dispatch new vessels capable of meeting the needs for undersea search to join the operation and continue to cooperate with other countries.

The center noted it was maintaining active communication and coordination with its counterparts in Malaysia and Australia to come up with detailed search plans.

According to the center, the Chinese vessel Haixun 01 and Navy vessels 999, 998, 171 and 886 were still searching in waters west of Australia and the Navy vessel 863 was continuing the search in eastern Indian Ocean.

The hunt for the plane has been ongoing since the aircraft disappeared on March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Also according to the center, China has dispatched 18 vessels and mobilized 86 merchant and fishing ships in a search over 1.3 million square kilometers, with no finding yet.

Source: FARS