A Drunk Dutch Earns 1.3 Million Euros after Betting 7-1 for Germany

A Drunk Dutch Earns 1.3 Million Euros after Betting 7-1 for Germany


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EDITOR’S NOTE: The news outlet Nordpresse originally quoted Der Spiegel on the interview with the Dutch who earned the 1.3 Million Euros before changing Der Spiegel to Algemeen Dagblad.

According to the Nordpresse media outlet, a Drunk Dutch has earned 1.3 Million Euros after he bet the unpredictable score of 7-1 for Germany against Brasil in the World Cup.

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In an interview with the German outlet Algemeen Dagblad, the 45 year-old man made it public that “his 200€ bet price was made during a too alcoholic party”.

The man was able to hit the jackpot earning 1.3 Million Euros.

In another related story in Brazil, relayed by Metro, “a Brazilian woman won her office sweepstake after successfully predicting that Germany would thrash Brazil 7-1 in their World Cup semi-final.”

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“Anna Guerra, a 44-year-old artist, confronted her sleep-walking husband and asked him who would win out of Germany and Brazil,” the source reported.

‘He said Germany,’ said Mrs Guerra. ‘I asked him what the score would be and he said “7-1”.’

The woman only won around 70 Euros as the bet was between work colleagues.

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In England this time, “Barry Orr, a spokesman for England-based Betfair, told ESPN.com that three bettors, who placed a total of $11 on Germany beating Brazil 7-1, raked in approximately $11,000.”

According to the man, “Bookmakers around the world didn’t even list the improbable score as an option.”

The aforementioned source added that the “odds of 999-1 are the highest value that can be set on the exchange. The firm administers the payoff for a price of in between 2 and 5 percent of the winnings.”

“The guys I feel sorry for are the punters who had 31 pounds [$53 U.S.] at 999-1 on 7-0 Germany,” Orr said to ESPN.

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