2M: Sitcom “Kenza F Douar” Sets A New 10 Million Audience Record...

2M: Sitcom “Kenza F Douar” Sets A New 10 Million Audience Record For The Channel



Sunday night, the 8th episode of the sitcom Kenza F Douar has had more than 10.15 million viewers, as announced Monday by the national channel 2M and relayed by Aufait news outlet.

The channel stated that “Kenza F Douar has logged a new audience record and became the most followed program by Moroccans since the introduction of the electronic audience measurement technology”.

Kenza F Douar is a sitcom of around 40 minutes, directed by Hicham Lasri , written by Rita El Quessar and reproduced by Ali n’ Productions. The show portrays the daily life of Kenza, who recently moved to a remote village in order to prepare the dispossession of lands, which will be cut-through by a new highway.

On the first day of Ramadan, 2M has won the attention of nearly 41% viewers throughout the day, which rose to 56% during prime time (starting 19:45); Nearly 9 million viewers watched the first episode of the sitcom Kenza F Douar, followed by “Caméra Cachée” with 8.5 million viewers, and the third place was reserved for the second season of the sitcom “L’Couple” with 8 million viewers.

The Moroccan Times.