Israel Faced Over 1 Million Cyber Attacks on First Day of Airstrikes...

Israel Faced Over 1 Million Cyber Attacks on First Day of Airstrikes on Gaza


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As Israel has intensified its brutal attacks on the defenseless Palestinian people in Gaza, it has come under a growing number of cyber attacks from around the world, data provided by the International Cyber Convention at Tel Aviv University shows.

According to a report by Algemeiner, the Convention said on the first day of Israel’s ongoing Operation Protective Edge against Gaza there was a 900 percent increase in cyber infiltration attempts against Israeli government sites.

“We deal with an average of 100,000 attacks a day, and in the last day we have been faced with 1,000,000 attacks,” said Major-General (res.) Yitzchak Ben Yisrael, head of the Cyber Center at Tel Aviv University, early last week. Ben Yisrael claimed that the attacks originate from all over the Muslim world and aren’t solely the work of Gaza’s Hamas.

Ben Yisarel indicated that the actual volume of attacks is probably even higher.

Cautioning that such cyber attacks could cost Israel dearly, the General, as an example, pointed to a hacking operation by the Syrian Electronic Army, which in 2012 hacked the computers of an irrigation system in northern Israel and shut it down.

Source: FARS