Spanish Mayor Javier-Maroto Accuses Moroccans and Algerians of Sucking Spain’s Money

Spanish Mayor Javier-Maroto Accuses Moroccans and Algerians of Sucking Spain’s Money

Spanish Mayor Javier-Maroto
Spanish Mayor Javier-Maroto

The Spanish Mayor of Vitoria, Javier-Maroto, said that Moroccans and Algerians come to the Spanish city of Vitoria mainly “to live on social assistance without any interest in working or integrating, and that in itself is fraud.”

Javier-Maroto said:

“The fraud in social assistance for some specific nationalities is scandalous. Even more, some nationalities live mainly on social assistance and have no interest in working and integrating.”

He added that “there are people who come because they have been told that you can live on benefits here. And to me that seems like fraud.”

The mayor went further to say that “people who come from Latin America are not the same, they come to work and mainly integrate. I don’t see the same attitude in other nationalities. And I mention Algeria and Morocco because they are the most obvious cases,” he concluded.

Moroccans living in Spain condemned the mayor’s statement saying that the reason some of them don’t work is “simply because we are subject to job discrimination.”

Others added that the mayor is instrumentalizing the question to earn more followers.

A Moroccan, who asked not to divulgate his identity, said the following:

“We keep looking for jobs but since the International crisis there aren’t many. And From those few jobs remaining, we are subject to job discrimination on the basis of religion. The mayor did not bring anything new to our situation. He did not help us at all. He is just doing the stigmatization talking to appeal to voters.”

The man added: “He should come to us and we can discuss this together hand in hand instead of blaming us. That’s the right way. Why doesn’t he organize meetings where we could gather with him and tell him about our matters and sufferings due to job discrimination and how to solve the issue?”

“I believe the mayor is instrumentalizing this. He is saying that immigrants coming from Latin America are not the same. Of course, because they are Christians and most Spanish are Christians while we are Muslims. Of course, it is easier for them to find jobs. The fact is that  Muslims scare today and Islam is a very very scary word and religion today. People think all muslims are like what they see in the news, which is of course so wrong. The mayor is instrumentalizing us to get support from voters while the real issue is not money or Moroccans or Algerians. The real issue is discrimination and racism.”

“This trick is being used now in France by Le-Pen and it seems it is very successful. No wonder why he is emulating it.”

“I reiterate, if his honorable Mr. Javier-Maroto truly does want to help, we are available to talk and discuss and bring forth solutions all together,” he added.

“That is my open message for him if he truly wants to help. Please share my message but don’t divulgate my identity,” the man closed.

The Moroccan Times.