Americans Rally in Denver to Shout Support for Gaza

Americans Rally in Denver to Shout Support for Gaza

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Americans Rally in Denver to Shout Support for Gaza

More than a thousand pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets in the US Colorado state capital of Denver to condemn Israel’s ongoing onslaught against the Gaza Strip.
The demonstrators gathered on Saturday at the Colorado State Capitol building, calling for an end to the Israeli attacks on the besieged coastal enclave, press tv reported.

The gathering was followed by a march through Denver, during which the protesters held protest signs and Palestinian flags and chanted “free, free Palestine, the occupation is a crime.”

Protester Asya Abdul-Nadi, whose entire family is still in Gaza, said, “Currently there is no difference between life or death (in Gaza). They (Gazans) don’t have food, water, or access to clothing.”

The pro-Palestinian rally was organized by a number of organizations in the Denver area, including Colorado’s Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, which said it plans to continue holding protests until a viable ceasefire is achieved.

The protest comes as Israeli warplanes have been carrying out incessant airstrikes against Gaza since July 8. On Thursday, thousands of Israeli soldiers launched a ground invasion into the densely-populated strip as well.

At least 357 people have been killed by the Israeli regime in its recent war on Gaza and nearly 2,700 have been wounded.

According to the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights, 82 percent of the victims are civilians and 43 percent are women and children.

The deadly Israeli attacks have been condemned by much of the international community as well as international human rights groups.

Source: FARS