Eid Al-Fitr in Morocco Through Google Glasses

Eid Al-Fitr in Morocco Through Google Glasses


Marouane Lamharzi Alaoui, a Moroccan living in Errachidia, Morocco captured some of Eid Al-Fitr “festivities” through his Google glasses.

The video shows Marouane heading first to a Mousala to perform the Eid prayer.

Right after the prayer, the man seems to walk through the believers, who were listening to an Imam giving the Eid sermon, before sitting down later on to listen to the sermon himself.

Right after that, Marouane headed to a friend’s house to congratulate him on this occasion.

The one could hear traditional Andalousi music being played in the background at the end of the video clip while the guest was served traditional Moroccan food.

The Moroccan Times.