Hollywood Stars Facing Fury over “Genocide” Letter Condemning Israel, with Penolope Cruz...

Hollywood Stars Facing Fury over “Genocide” Letter Condemning Israel, with Penolope Cruz called “Idiot of the Week”

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Hollywood Stars Facing Fury over “Genocide” Letter Condemning Israel with Penolope Cruz called “Idiot of the Week”


Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and many other actors and actresses are facing a serious backlash from top Hollywood executives following their support for Gaza, which saw the couple sign an open letter condemning the actions of Israel as tantamount to “genocide”.

Penolope Cruz was called ‘Fool of the Week’ in the “The FIVE” TV program for “trashing our great ally,” Israel.

The couple were among 100 film professionals to sign the open Spanish letter calling on the European Union to end Israel’s military operation in Gaza, along with director Pedro Almodovar in July, the Independent reported.

But their actions have sparked anger in top Hollywood executives, which has reportedly called their careers in to question, and also many of Hollywood’s actors have thrown in their two-penneth on the subject.

One producer who has previously worked with Penelope Cruz told that he privately vowed never to work with the actress again, but another producer said the issue should not affect the couple’s careers.

Both Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz’s representatives declined to comment.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are among the Spanish stars behind an open letter condemning Israel’s bombardment of Gaza as “genocide”.

The actors demanded a stronger response by the European Union to stop the military operation that has killed more than 1,900 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Civilians, including many children, have made up the majority of those killed in the Israeli offensive.

The letter said that Israel “humiliates, detains, and tramples on the rights of the Palestinian population in all of the West Bank every day, also causing many deaths”.

Among the letter’s signatories were famous director Pedro Almodovar and many other directors, actors and musicians.

Israel has been pounding the blockaded Gaza for 34 consecutive days, killing over 1,900 people and injuring more than 11,000 others.

Four out of every five Palestinians killed during Israel’s ongoing military offensive in Gaza have been civilians, including dozens of women and children.