Fifteen Years On The Throne

Fifteen Years On The Throne



VIENNA- On August 20, 2014, Morocco celebrated the Sixty-first anniversary of the Revolution of The King and People. King Mohammed VI delivered a speech to the nation on this historical occasion.

The Royal speech was an interesting one and a speech that constitutes a critical juncture in the history of modern Morocco. It emphasized the importance of the aspirations and challenges of economic, social and cultural issues Morocco should overcome to be part of the rising and emerging countries.

There is no doubt that Morocco has achieved – thanks to the overall dynamic launched by the Monarch – advanced positions in terms of attracting investments and economic performance, as well as his involvement in a number of initiatives to combat and tackle poverty and vulnerable social and economic infrastructures.

What distinguished this Royal speech was not just highlighting the manifestations of the socio-economic and political problems at hand, but it went towards the establishment of liaison and coordination between the various integrated projects based on economic and political levels, as well as the major strategies that form the foundations of public policies in Morocco.

The vision of King Mohammed VI for a new Morocco focused on identifying options and directions and grand ambitions of the country. The Royal speech touched on many of the issues from a historical and cultural perspective, without ignoring but rather acknowledging the importance of the role played by many contributors, especially in the fields of education, political parties and trade union to advance and move with the country to the position and level it deserves within the international community.

King Mohammed VI has stressed in the same speech that wining the bet to catch up with emerging countries is impossible, though it involves facing many difficulties and challenges, stressing that Morocco possess all the ingredients and qualifications to overcome these challenges.

For the past fifteen years, King Mohammed VI worked restlessly to ensure prosperity and modernity to Moroccans and make Morocco a rising economic and political star in Africa. The policies the Moroccan Monarch implemented began to bring positive results in every social, political and economic aspect. Morocco was not badly hit by the global economic crisis of 2008 by putting in place many economic reforms attracted shortly after many foreign investors. It also overcame the heat of the so-called “Arab Spring” by implementing immediate constitutional reforms and Moroccans had the freedom to choose their representatives in the parliament and through them the current government, while many Arab countries are still suffering under the brutal consequences of the political tsunami that hit their nations. Socially, Morocco developed a new infrastructure to reshuffle how social problems and issues are handled and managed. It is true though that there are many more issues to solve, but one cannot turn the blind eye on the positive achievements Morocco gained since July 1999.

The road to the top is never easy, and King Mohammed VI is fully aware of this reality. He has a lot of work to do and he is constantly encouraging all components of the society to engage in the reforms and the development of the country. Results will soon be speaking louder than words, and will ultimately shift Morocco to the position it deserves, whether regionally, continentally or globally; it is just a matter of time and pending that Moroccans have faith in their king and themselves as well; they are the winning formula for success and development.

Mourad Beni-ich
Mr.Mourad Beni-ich is a Political, Intelligence & Strategic Analyst based in Washington, DC.

[symple_box color=”blue” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]Mr. Beni-ich holds a BA in Law, a BA in Political Sciences, a MA in Security and Intelligence Analyses, a MA in Global Terrorism and a PhD in International Politics. His studies were pursued in England and the U.S.

Mr. Beni-ich began his career as a lawyer working for the British Home Office (The Ministry of Interior) as well as The British Foreign Office. Mr.Beni-ich gave many lectures in the United States regarding the current affairs in the MENA region, both in universities and organizations. Mr. Beni-ich is currently based in Washington, DC where he lobbies for the Moroccan affairs and coordinates with many U.S. officials and Think-Tanks to promote Morocco’s interests, both in the United States and Morocco.