Corruption: Mezouar Denies Asking Laurent Fabius to Help His Daughter Secure a...

Corruption: Mezouar Denies Asking Laurent Fabius to Help His Daughter Secure a French Work Permit



Le 360 shared a story saying that Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Salaheddine Mezouar, flatly denied the allegations that he asked his French counterpart, Laurant Fabius, to help his daughter, Sarah Mezouar, secure a French work permit, in order to join a branch of the world-renowned American firm McKinsey.

As a matter of fact, a letter supposedly written by Fabius to Mezouar in the French language has been heavily circulating among Moroccans on various social media platforms, with many Internet users accusing Mezouar of corruption.

The said letter (image underneath) contains a confirmation from Fabius to Mezouar that he “took care” of the “French procedures” in order to allow Sarah get a work permit and accordingly join McKinsey.

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The letter also reads that Mezouar asked for that favor, “following an official meeting held in Rabat” with Fabius back in November 2013.

Le said that according to “their sources,” a person close to Mezouar said the story is another slander, similar to the French nationality fierce smear campaign Mezouar was subject to few months earlier.

“This slander is aimed at tarnishing the image of Mezouar, who is doing a very good job as Morocco’s Foreign Minister,” the person close to Mezouar told Le 360.

After contacting a Moroccan diplomat, who spoke to The Moroccan Times on the condition of anonymity, he said that “it is quite clear the letter is a slander, especially that all official diplomatic letters are encrypted in the first place” and that “such favors, if they occur in the first place, will be conducted behind closed doors and not written in letters.”

The Moroccan Times.