ISIS Calls on Beheading Americans in Morocco

ISIS Calls on Beheading Americans in Morocco

ISIS Calls on Beheading American Citizens in Morocco.
ISIS Calls on Beheading American Citizens in Morocco.

Rabat, Morocco —In a new video released by elements of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria terrorist organization (ISIS), a member nicknamed Al Maghrebi (The Moroccan) threatens American citizens living in Morocco.

The said video, which features 3 members of the ISIS terrorist organization armed with rifles, called on their supposed-supporters in Morocco to attack American citizens and behead them.

One of the Jihadists said the following:

“I say to our brothers in methodology, work with Abu Mohamed al Adnani (the ISIS leader who acts as official spokesman), work for chopping the heads of demons, the heads of Americans in Morocco.”

Though the threats may sound frightening, Morocco remains a safe haven for tourists, especially given the fact that Morocco’s strategy when it comes to dealing with terrorism and sleeper cells is considered a model in the region, let alone that Moroccans blatantly condemn and with the strongest terms the terrorist organization ISIS.

Also, Morocco does not have any acting terrorist organization on its soil, unlike Algeria where Jund al-Khilifa, an ISIS-linked cell beheaded recently a french citizen.

Though, as mentioned before, Morocco remains a safe haven for tourists, as a precautionary measure, it is important to never wander alone and to always travel in group. If you do so, you’ll be safe. Never be shy to ask for help. Moroccans are very friendly and helpful and will not spare any effort in assisting you. No wonder why Morocco was ranked among the “top three most welcoming countries for foreigners in the world.”

No need to re-mention that Moroccans blatantly condemn the ISIS terrorist organization. Those calls will not only receive a deaf ear from Moroccans, but will be condemned with the strongest terms, as they don’t represent by any means Islam. Quite the contrary, they go against the teachings of Islam. 

Last but not least, enjoy your stay in Morocco and don’t be intimidated by such threats. Always remember that a barking dog never bites.

The Moroccan Times.