Moroccan Minister of State Passes Away After Being Hit by a Train

Moroccan Minister of State Passes Away After Being Hit by a Train


abdellah baha

According to an official statement from Morocco’s Justice and Development party, the Moroccan Minister of State Abdellah Baha passed away in Bouznika after getting hit by a train en route to Rabat from Casablanca yesterday at around 6:00 PM local time.

Various local outlets, including Morocco’s leading news outlet Hespress, said the minister was hit while afoot in Bouznika checking the location of the death of Ahmed Zaidi, a leading politician and member of the Moroccan parliament who belongs to the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) party, and who passed away last month.

The same sources further noted that the late’s body was completely disfigured to the point Moroccan gendarmes and forensic staff were only able to identify the victim thanks to his identity card.

Baha was not only the Moroccan Minister of State, but also the Vice General Sectary of Morocco’s leading political party PJD.

Baha is also one of the founders of the said party as well as a co-founder of the PJD’s preaching branch “Tawhid Wal Islah.”

Baha’s death is considered as a huge loss for the party and the current government as he is the best friend of Morocco’s head of government Benkirane. He was nicknamed “Benkirane’s black box.”

The late was well-known for his modesty, rare media appearances, stoicism and poised character.

Abdellah Baha is a native of Souss, though he lived a considerable amount of his youth in Ifrane.

The 60-year-old held various editorial positions in his life. Most notably, he was the editor in chief of Attajdid, Al Islah and Arraya.

 We Are to God and Unto Him We Shall Return 

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