Maradona Dozed Off During Venezuelan President Speech

Maradona Dozed Off During Venezuelan President Speech [Video Included]



Football Legend Diego Armando Maradona could not resist taking a little nap during a recent address of the Venezuelan president to his people.

Maradona, who was a distinguished guest during the event, was forced to wake up in the middle of the speech after that he was given a light tap from behind, following the Venezuelan president referring to him in his address.

When he woke up, Marodonna just went with the flow to stand up right away to hear the flattering and buttering the Venezuelan president has reserved to him, among which he said Maradona is “a great brother, a friend, and a legend.”

It seems some people just can’t resist taking a little nap during speeches.

The French minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, is well-known for his craving-for-napping-syndrome. Most memorable is his well-know dozzing off during a conference in Algiers (Video underneath).

The Moroccan Times.