CIA Report: Iran Spies on Morocco

CIA Report: Iran Spies on Morocco

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CIA Report: Iran Spies on Morocco

According to a story in today’s edition of the Moroccan daily Akhbar Al Yaoum, “a CIA report has warned Morocco against Iranian Secret Service elements operating in the region to support Shiia minorities.”

Another Moroccan daily, Assabah, also run a story about the piece of news, further noting that “Morocco is on top of the list of countries targeted by Iran’s Secret services, in a list which also includes Senegal, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Mauritania, and Niger.”

According to an article run on The Guardian two days ago, “some of the suspected Iranian agents – estimated by US officials to number 30,000 worldwide, including support staff – work at the Iranian embassy in South Africa.”

A more recent South African intelligence document also goes hand in hand with the CIA report Assabah and Akhbar Al Yaoum referred to, especially when saying that “Iranian influence in Africa is limited to areas where there are substantial Shia communities: Tanzania, Zanzibar, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Niger and Guinea.”

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