Mohammadia School of Engineers Students Organize “Netcom Day”

Mohammadia School of Engineers Students Organize “Netcom Day”



Mohammadia School of Engineers Te
Young students belonging to the Ecole Mohammedia of Engineers Telecommunication Club (EMITEL).

Rabat, MoroccoMohammadia School of Engineers (EMI) student-based club “EMITEL,” an organization that aims at promoting Networks and Telecommunications Engineering at the said leading university, is set to  organize on the 19th of March the “Netcom Day,” an event in association with University Mohammed V-Agdal.

An EMITEL member told The Moroccan Times that “the main theme of the event will revolve around the development of E-services in Morocco, including issues, challenges and prospects for digitization in the North African county.”

“It is a topic of high importance for Morocco. This event will be scented with various activities, including conferences, debates, testimonials, and last but not least, a competition for young talented participants,” the young EMITEL member noted further.

The event will witness the participation of various renowned Moroccan personalities, who will animate the various conferences and debates that will take place.

During the event, Ms. Ouafa Kathir, the country manager of IDC North Africa, will give a presentation entitled “E-Morocco, between ambitions and reality.”

Among others, the list of renowned participants will include: Fatna El Farsi, Director of the Information System department in the Ministry of Public Service and the Modernization of the Administration, in addition to Yassir Houmame, Associate Director at Caciopee.

Towards the end of the event, a special competition for young participants with innovative ideas, entitled: « Bring Your Idea to Life, » will take place. The concept of the competition will enable creative candidates take their ideas, related to IT and new technologies fields, one step further and create their own startups. Each competitor will pitch before a jury chaired by Zouheir Lakhdissi, CTO at Dial Technologies and Telecommunications Consultant, Ali Lakrakbi, CEO and Founder of iMote, Walid El Alaoui Mrani, CEO and Founder of Azur Systems, as well as Omar Madi, Founder of Care and Co-founder of Startupia.

EMITEL told The Moroccan Times that “it promises an exceptional event full of innovation and high technology to its audience.”

The Moroccan Times.