Second Driver: “The Fish Lorry Was Carrying Chemical Products”

[Video] Second Driver: “The Fish Lorry Was Carrying Chemical Products”

Screen grab from a video featuring the second driver of the CTM coach, which was completely  destroyed after the sad event. (YouTube screen grab)
Screen grab from a video featuring the testimony of the second driver of the CTM coach. (YouTube screen grab)

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- In the aftermath of yesterday’s fiery crash, which saw a CTM coach collide with a fish lorry that was carrying illegally gas, in the vicinity of Tan-Tan, the second driver of the said CTM coach, who was at the time of the accident sleeping in the back of the coach, told (video underneath) Moroccan outlet Al Khabar Al Sahraoui the following: (Translation from the Moroccan Darija provided by The Moroccan Times)

” As soon as I opened my eyes following the huge shock, I saw a fire that hollowed out the bus.

“The emergency exit was obstructed with fire. All passengers were blocked in their seats. The back door opened automatically after the collision. I jumped out to save myself as the flames were coming towards me, but I kept hearing girls burning alive and shouting in grief ‘uncle uncle save us please’.”

“I was only able to save four of them,” the driver said in a sad tone.

“I kept throwing sand on them to help them extinguish the flames of fires on their bodies.

“We pulled out afterwards the charred bodies of the victims,” the driver added while nodding his head down.

“The way fire hollowed out the bus clearly shows that the fish lorry was carrying chemical products,” the driver said.

“I don’t know exactly which type of chemical products… Gasoline, diesel fuel or fuel oil, I don’t really know.”

“people won’t die just like that after such an accident. It was due to the chemical products,” the driver stressed.

The death toll increased to 35, most of them children.

The Moroccan Times.