Houthis Shoot Down Moroccan F-16 in Yemen

Houthis Shoot Down Moroccan F-16 in Yemen

Moroccan F-16 jet. (Forces Armées Royales)
Moroccan F-16 jet. (Forces Armées Royales)

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- A statement from Les Forces Armées Royale (FAR), Morocco’s Armed Forces, said that one of the country’s F16’s was hit in Yemen, in a mission which involved two F16s.

The pilot of the second jet avoided, what apparently was ground shootings from Houthis, and said that he didn’t see the Moroccan pilot eject from his F-16 aircraft.

Morocco’s leading houtlet Hespress reported that the said F16 was among “FAR’s recently acquired jets.”

The event happened yesterday (Sunday) at around at 6pm local time.

According to FAR’s statement, “an investigation is under way and the results will be communicated later.”

FAR’s statement did not mention whether if the Moroccan pilot was alive, captured, or dead.

It is worth reminding that Morocco is part of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition that aims at crippling the Houthis in Yemen.

The Moroccan Royal Air Forces have joined the raging battlefield in Yemen with the same 6 F-16 warplanes that were stationed in the United Arab Emirates, since the war against the so-called Islamic State begun.

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