Morocco Mall: Professional Thief Used to Steal 5000 Dhs of Clothes on...

Morocco Mall: Professional Thief Used to Steal 5000 Dhs of Clothes on a Daily Basis!

Morocco Mall (Casablanca).
Morocco Mall (Casablanca).

Casablanca, Morocco (TMT)- According to a story published yesterday on the Moroccan daily Al Akhbar, the Moroccan authorities arrested on Monday a professional thief who stole on a daily basis around 5.000 DHs of clothes from different stores in Africa’s biggest shopping center, Morocco Mall.

According to the said daily, the professional thief gave a very hard time to the managers of various stores, especially a sport goods one. At that, that manager was even on the verge of being fired by the store’s owner who did not initially believe “the missing merchandise story” his manager narrated to him, thinking the manger was keeping the merchandise for himself and selling it in his back.

Al Akhbar said that it was pure chance that the thief was arrested last Sunday while exiting the said store.

Employees of the sporting goods store smelled the rat after they saw that an individual entered and left the store many times, which prompted concerns that he may be the thief that turned their minds upside down, creating tensions between their manager and the store owner.

The employees raised their concerns to the mall’s security officers, who subjected the man to a search while exiting the shop.

To their surprise, the thief was caught red-handed wearing underneath a set of sports clothes he removed the anti-theft devices from.

In the post-gaze, the mall’s security agents called the police, and then handed the man to authorities.

After his arrest, and following an early investigation, the thief admitted stealing on daily-basis around 5.000 DHs of clothing. The offender said that he favored the said sporting goods shop over others as sports merchandise “sells better”.

The thief will be presented in the upcoming days before the public prosecutor and the king’s attorney.

The Moroccan Times.