Are You A Great Manager?

Are You A Great Manager?


[symple_box] ali al aradiMr. Ali Al-Aradi is a Human Resource (HR), Learning Development (LD) & Management lecturer and writer, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.[/symple_box]

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain-It been said that “Leaders are great Managers, but all Managers are not good Leaders”. The primary reason for that is the tension between the relationship and task in the workplace. Maybe you only go to work to do the task but not much related with people, so the challenge is to become a great leader to other employees, and if you really want to make good relation with your subordinates or colleagues then, first you should know yourself!   You should learn how to be cognizant and mindful at yourself. Learn how to lead yourself before thinking to manage others.

Shifting from the force you get from your position to your personal power, from controlling, organizing to trusting and respecting employees, till they be able to bring the best from their within.

Leading yourself from inside – out is not a skill or ability but intuits and adapts. It is attitude and not a process, you cannot learn it from a text book or an applied formula, it is not a technique, it is when you open your heart to others, sharing the unconditional love with all the employees regardless of who they are, their nationalities and what they do. Finally, leadership is not a position it is the quality of your attitude.