Young Moroccans Launch “Book Club Rabat” to Encourage Moroccans to Read and...

Young Moroccans Launch “Book Club Rabat” to Encourage Moroccans to Read and Learn New Languages


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Rabat, Morocco (TMT)-A group of young Moroccans have launched a new initiative that aims at encouraging Moroccans, including internationals residing in Morocco, from all wakes of life to read books and learn new languages.

Mr. Abderrahim Azara, one of the members of the “Rabat Book Club”, hopes that this initiative will attract a group of bookish people (students, professors, staff…) residing in the Kenitra-Casablanca diameter, bookish people who share the interest of reading, either for fun or to further their learning, to then discuss the books’ contents with other members.

What is the Idea Behind The Rabat Book Club?

Mr. Abderrahim Azara told The Moroccan Times that once they meet up, “members will be divided willingly into small groups, based on their reading and languages interests.”

“For instance, group A may be composed of 5 members who choose a historical book written in English, while 4 other club members (group B) may opt for a book in (Arabic,Tamazight,French, Spanish…) on a different domain (Art, Leadership, Politics,Sociology…)… etc,” Mr. Azara aded.

“Then the groups will be meeting every weekend to discuss and share their viewpoints regarding the already-read chapter(s) during the week,” Mr Azara added. 

Mr. Azara told TMT that anyone could join the Rabat Book Club.

“For further Information, please feel free to reach me out via I answer all replies swiftly, ” Mr Azara closed.

The Moroccan Times.