Feminine Leadership Needed!

Feminine Leadership Needed!


[symple_box] ali al aradiMr. Ali Al-Aradi is a Human Resource (HR), Learning Development (LD) & Management lecturer and writer, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.[/symple_box]

If you want to take your organisation to the next level you will need to adopt new strategy in managing human resource. A strategy behind the traditional approach is to bring the feminine leadership to the table. When I promote the feminine leadership style I don’t mean to exclude males but to utilise the feminine quality which dwell within both genders. The gender that you belong to now do not decide if you will be masculine or feminine in nature, history has many good examples about female leaders who had aggressive masculine approaches in political and business management.

Please don’t panic!  Male also have feminine qualities. The Chinese philosophy “Yin & Yang “describes opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural but working together.

So, if you are honestly looking to do a real uplifting in your leadership approach in developing people and developing organisation, you will need to bring the balance back in to the table, to embody the feminine qualities beside the traditional leadership skills, and to do that you shall learn how to meet with yourself regularly to discuss who and what you really are, then you will realise that you are not what you believe or ever thought to be; you are here for purpose, therefore you will become humble in nature and from there the power of love will appear again in your heart to show the feminine side of you.