Al Akhawayn Alumni Elect New President and New Board

Al Akhawayn Alumni Elect New President and New Board

al-akhawayn-university ifrane
View on the Al Akhawayn University’s campus in Ifrane.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Al Akhawayn University (AUI) alumni community selected a new president and six new board members to represent them on the university’s Al Akhawayn Alumni (AA) board, one that represents around 4000 graduates spread all over the world.

While Lamia Bazir ’12 was elected as the new president, El Mehdi Boudra ’12, Imane Mansouri ’12, Harit Satt ’10, Taha Benazzoun ’12, Hicham Benothmane ’12, and Fatima Azzahra El Azzouzi ’08 were all elected as board members.

The new board aims to play a key role in tackling key issues that faces the AUI community, the university, and participate actively in the development of Morocco.

To achieve its mission, the new board will be supported by an “Advisory Board” composed of representatives of former alumni boards.

The new president Lamia Bazir said that the main urge now is “to revise the operating model of the alumni association, to better connect the graduates, each according to the sector of his activity, in a bet to unify all alumni, with an all-inclusive but decentralized approach.”

Bazir stressed that the new board aims to promote AUI’s image in the labor market, as well as in the Moroccan society.

The Moroccan Times.