Hassan Saada Is Very Shy: Morocco’s ambassador to Brazil

Hassan Saada Is Very Shy: Morocco’s ambassador to Brazil


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Morocco’s ambassador to Brazil, Mr. Larbi Moukhariq, told leading Moroccan news outlet Hespress during a phone interview yesterday that Moroccan boxer Hassan Saada will be released this morning, further stressing that the Moroccan boxer is well-known to be “a good mannered” person.

“He is a very shy person. We are currently in touch with him,” Moukharik stressed.

“The Moroccan embassy is closely monitoring the situation,” Moukharik said, further adding that the Moroccan embassy has provided a lawyer to the Moroccan boxer.

Moukhariq added that the Moroccan boxer is denying the claims that he pushed the two Brazilian waitresses against a wall and tried to kiss them.

Moukharik further noted that the Moroccan boxer presented his own version of what happened, which lead the local judge and the Brazilian authorities to take his version into account, triggering his release earlier than expected.

Hassan Saada, 22, is married to a Moroccan woman.

He was arrested by the Brazilian police on Friday morning after two Brazilian waitresses working in the Olympic Village in Barra da Tijuca lodged a sexual assault complaint against him.

The attacks were alleged to have taken place on Wednesday, according to the Brazilian waitresses.

The Moroccan Times.