Loneliness Affects Productivity!

Loneliness Affects Productivity!


In the contemporary globalized world, business organisations are faced with complexities, competition and skills shortage, and that results in a need for a diverse work force to enrich the human capital through different skills, knowledge, experience and languages, which fosters developing creative solutions to changes in the business climate.

This strategy was auctioned generally through recruiting from the international labor market diverse talents. Yet, bringing people from different nationalities, belief systems and ages, working in the same workplace, results in big gaps and weak relations between them, due to the differences they are seeing and expressing every day. Generally speaking, employees will feel loneliness even if they are not working alone because their minds creates steal walls separating them, and this loneliness and separation will bring depression in the workplace.

Since employees are deemed the engine of an organisation, the engine that moves it forward, it is important to help them go over the loneliness feeling and come back together on one heart, otherwise it will face a high turnover rate and a low productivity due to low satisfaction and engagement level.

Organisations here are responsible for creating a friendly corporate culture based on trust, where each employee is able to see his/her role in a big family picture. This can be achieved by adopting a vertical integration through aligning an employee’s objectives to the organisation objectives, so he/she can clearly see his/her contribution and improve his/her engagement within the organisation. By means of adopting the horizontal integration, it is necessary to build teams that work together to achieve one objective, where each member in the team recognizes the benefits of each other in developing a creative solution. This can only be done by attending training courses that focus on improving this aspect.

It is when employees take time to practice looking at each other and see the other employees as simple human beings, not nationals of this or that country, followers of this or that religion,  etc., that they will feel they are immersed in the company, and are altogether a family working for the same organisation.