locals find frozen body of missing Shepard Hamid Baali

locals find frozen body of missing Shepard Hamid Baali



Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Locals who volunteered to search for shepard Hamid Baali, who went missing on Saturday, October the 28th, discovered the man’s dead body laying down a hill, with all his body but his head covered by the snow as the above-featured image illustrates.

Three members of the Moroccan civil protection team, who were also scouring the region in the search for the man, joined afterwards the volunteers to take the body to a local morgue for an autopsy.

The death left many Moroccans extremely disheartened following the man passing away with a kind of wanton that we rarely see in modern age.

According to local sources, Hamid Baali went missing eight days ago while shepherding over his flock in the Tanchraramt (تانشرارامت) Douar, located in the vicinity of Mount Bou Iblane, in the Taounate Province. The man was caught by a heavy snowstorm that blew in the region.

After finding his body and realizing that Hamid was dead, said volunteers started rescuing the herd of sheep, which were astonishingly still alive, though some covered entirely by the snow.

حميد باعلي Hamid Baali
The late Hamid Baali

An unparalleled wave of discontent emerged on social media as Moroccans blamed the authorities for the toll of the man, stressing that it is “the authorities’ nonchalance and negligence that lead to this catastrophe,” as one man posted on Facebook.

“They only started the search operation 4 days after he went missing, with only three members of the Moroccan civil protection looking for the man,” the man further noted.

“Why didn’t they use a helicopter or a military airplane to look for him?”, another asked.

The Moroccan Times.