Minister of Interior: beating some people is for their good, to save...

Minister of Interior: beating some people is for their good, to save their lives

عبد الوافي لفتيت
Morocco’s Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Moroccan Minister of Interior Laftit acknowledged in a press conference yesterday that excesses may have been committed by police members in the wake of the ongoing crisis that hit the whole world, but stressed that in some cases beating some people is in their interest and for their good.

“Some of them (authority agents) have been working for a straight 24 hours,” the Minister of Interior said.

“May God be with them,” Laftit added.

Laftit stressed that in some cases, resorting to violence to deter those people is “for their benefit” and will save their lives.

“We beat our kids when we think it is in their interest and it will make them better,” Laftit stressed.

Laftit further noted that the current conjuncture is different and that the amount of work, stress, and efforts the police and all authority agents are performings is unbelievable.

Laftit also said that it is difficult to imagine a policeman repeating one thousand times the same phrase, stay home, to those who do not observe the state of a health emergency, wandering far away from their houses.

The Moroccan Times.