Former Moroccan PM Urges Current One to Eat Brazilian Beef in Front...

Former Moroccan PM Urges Current One to Eat Brazilian Beef in Front of Citizens


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)-Former Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane has lauded the government’s move to import 10,000 cows from Brazil in an effort to make red meat prices more competitive in the local market.

In a speech to his party’s parliamentary group, Benkirane expressed his support for the importation of Brazilian cattle, which he described as both “cheap” and “halal”.

Benkirane went on to suggest that had he been in power, he would have made the same decision as red meat prices have become unaffordable for many ordinary Moroccans.

Furthermore, he urged the current Prime Minister, Aziz Akhenouch, to eat the Brazilian beef in front of the people to convince them of its quality and encourage them to purchase it.

He stressed that if he were prime minister, he would eat it in front of the Moroccan people to convince them of its quality.

“If I were the prime minister, I would announce to Moroccans that I have brought you cheap, high-quality halal meat after your long-standing complaints about the high cost,” Benkirane declared.

He even expressed his personal desire to purchase Brazilian beef, although he admitted to not knowing where to find it.

It is worth mentioning that the importation of the 10.000 Nelor breed cattle has sparked controversy in Morocco. Among the reasons advanced by its critics is that the meat is less fatty and has a less pronounced taste compared to European breeds.

The Moroccan Times.