Demolition of Shanties in Skhirat Triggers Protests and Tensions

Demolition of Shanties in Skhirat Triggers Protests and Tensions

citizens and the riot police confront in skhirat
Screengrab from a Youtube video of the confrontation between the citizens and the riot police

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Skhirat, a city in Morocco located approximately 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) southwest of Rabat, has become a scene of social unrest in the last few days as authorities have demolished shanties, resulting in confrontation with the residents.

The issue at the heart of the matter is an agreement signed in 2005, which promised to resettle 703 families from the Douar of Imhijer to the same location where they currently reside. The first phase of this agreement was implemented in 2006, but a new agreement signed in 2020 aimed to provide housing for 21,300 families in the region, including those from Imhijer. However, residents of Imhijer insist on the fulfillment of the original agreement, allowing them to remain in their current location, just like the first group of families who were resettled in 2006.

Residents believe that the 2020 relocation scheme is a ploy to serve the interests of real estate developers who want to take advantage of the land they occupy.

Despite protests from residents, the authorities have begun demolishing homes without offering any alternatives.

Additionally, many residents have not received demolition certificates, which they will need in the future to prove their eligibility for compensation.

This situation has caused significant tensions in the Douar, with many residents feeling their rights and interests have been flouted.

Various politicians have condemned the act of demolition, especially those belonging to the PSU, USFP, and PJD parties.

The Moroccan Times.