Tragic Love Story in Casablanca: Young Woman Sets Herself on Fire over...

Tragic Love Story in Casablanca: Young Woman Sets Herself on Fire over Relationship Struggles


The famous Arabic saying goes, “Mina Al Hobi ma 9atal,” which may translate to “Love can be deadly.” This is what almost happened in Casablanca. The Zubair neighborhood in Al-Oulfa, Casablanca, experienced a tragic event two days ago. A young woman, who had been facing relationship problems with her lover, a sports coach, shocked the community by setting herself on fire in a suicide attempt.

Reports from the “Al-Sabah” newspaper indicate that the victim, a mother of a little girl, had met her coach when she joined a sports club in the Al-Hassani neighborhood.

According to sources, the incident occurred due to tensions between the couple.

The coach had repeatedly rejected the woman’s requests to formalize their relationship and rush into marriage. Frustrated and unable to find her lover at his usual cafĂ©, the woman resorted to pouring a flammable substance on herself and igniting it in a fit of rage.

Sustaining severe burns, she was immediately rushed to Al-Hassani Hospital and later transferred to Ibn Rushd University Hospital in Casablanca due to the severity of her condition.

In response to the incident, the suspect voluntarily surrendered to the Al-Hassani neighborhood police station in Casablanca, as he was accused of causing harm to his girlfriend.

The law enforcement authorities initiated an investigation to hear his version. They are currently awaiting the stabilization of the victim’s health to gather further details regarding the case.