Morocco to expand CCTV cameras across all 12 regions

Morocco to expand CCTV cameras across all 12 regions

Morocco’s Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit.

Morocco’s Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit unveiled plans to expand surveillance in public places and main streets in Morocco using CCTV cameras, to “bolster the fight against crime and curb traffic violations.”

Responding to an inquiry at the House of Representatives, Laftit stated that CCTV cameras “help in maintaining public security by guaranteeing rapid response by law enforcement to theft and violence incidents, acts of vandalism on public roads, and assists in essential investigations to solve reported crimes and accidents.”

Moreover, Laftit highlighted that “the deployment of CCTV cameras in public spaces also aims to manage traffic effectively to prevent congestion on main roads.”

Additionally, he stressed that CCTV cameras are “useful in controlling crowd movements, particularly during sports events and public demonstrations.”

Laftit further disclosed an initiative “to improve the surveillance system with cameras in public venues. This initiative, in collaboration with local authorities and development companies, seeks to augment and widen the scope of surveillance across the kingdom.”

Laftit noted that 24 projects involving the installation of CCTV surveillance systems have been successfully completed.

He also indicated that an additional 17 projects are in various stages of study or implementation across Morocco’s 12 regions.