Agadir Police Disrupt Major Fuel Smuggling Operation

Agadir Police Disrupt Major Fuel Smuggling Operation

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AGADIR- Three suspects were arrested in Agadir in a significant fuel smuggling bust, local police announced.

Over two tons of diesel and gasoline were seized from a villa in the Agrouad region, believed to be smuggled from southern regions for distribution in Agadir.

Fuel, among other products, is significantly cheaper in the southern regions of Morocco compared to the north. However, it’s illegal to transport these subsidized items northward.

In addition to the fuel, a pump, pipes, large plastic containers, and a trailer truck with additional tanks were discovered during the raid.

The suspects include the villa’s owner, the villa’s guard, and a truck driver.

The operation appears to be run by influential individuals and brokers who make substantial profits from smuggling subsidized fuel and reselling it.

The smuggled gasoline is specifically sold at particular stations, while the diesel is broadly distributed, even to agricultural farms.

The ongoing investigations are expected to result in more arrests.

The Moroccan Times.