Mother Dies in Tangier Elevator Accident; Daughter Severely Injured but Survives

Mother Dies in Tangier Elevator Accident; Daughter Severely Injured but Survives

elevator accident Morocco.
Empty elevator shaft. Image for illustration purposes only.

TANGIER, Morocco – In a tragic turn of events, a woman was killed and her daughter severely injured in an elevator accident last Saturday evening at the Ajyal residential complex in Tangier.

The duo had, as they entered the building complex,  attempted to use the elevator but failed to ascend due to a technical malfunction.

The pair then ascended to the sixth floor. However, on their way back down, they decided to use the elevator. Unbeknownst to them, the critical technical malfunction had rendered the elevator inoperative.

As the elevator doors opened on the sixth floor, the woman, assuming the cabin was present, stepped in, only to fall down the empty elevator shaft. Her daughter followed closely behind, resulting in both of them plunging down to the ground floor.

Emergency services were immediately alerted and rushed to the scene. Despite their swift efforts, the mother’s injuries were so extensive that she died upon arrival at the hospital. The daughter, on the other hand, while severely wounded and bruised, managed to survive the ordeal. She is currently under medical observation, receiving the necessary treatments for her injuries.

The Tangier authorities have launched an investigation into the horrifying accident, aiming to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. The focus of the probe will likely be on the technical malfunction of the elevator and whether any negligence on part of the complex’s management or maintenance personnel played a role in the tragedy.