Plummeting Exports: Red Fruit Crisis in Morocco?

Plummeting Exports: Red Fruit Crisis in Morocco?

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Moroccan agricultural laborers harvesting red fruits.

Once a thriving sector in Morocco, the red fruit industry is currently in a precarious position, largely due to a substantial decrease in exports. Factors contributing to this downturn include growing international competition and erratic climate changes.

The latest data up to April reveals a concerning trend: a decrease of 13% in blueberry exports, a 15% drop in strawberry shipments, countered only by a modest 9% increase in raspberry exports. However, the slight uptick in raspberry sales is insufficient to balance the losses incurred, particularly given that their selling prices fall below production costs.

The state of affairs for processed red fruits is even more alarming. Exports of processed blueberries have seen a steep decline of 79%, while strawberries and raspberries fell by 62% and 45%, respectively. Overall, the export of red fruits has seen a 28% drop, thereby pushing the industry towards a crisis that threatens its survival and long-term future.

The crisis is further intensified by market challenges, notably the oversupply situation created by demand falling short, a situation partly driven by Europe’s economic recession and various geopolitical disruptions.

The future of the sector is shrouded in uncertainty given the present circumstances.