Surveillance and Harassment Allegations in Moroccan Prison

Surveillance and Harassment Allegations in Moroccan Prison


The sister of Moroccan blogger and activist, Saida Alami, has claimed ongoing surveillance and harassment of her sister in her prison cell.

This explosive revelation comes despite assertions by the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Rehabilitation yesterday that “there is no camera in Alami’s cell or in any other cell in the facility.”

Layla Alami stated that her sister had personally informed her about the presence of a camera, coupled with harassment from prison staff and fellow inmates. Laila further clarified that she was the one who alerted activist Youssef El Hiresh, who subsequently publicized the situation in a blog post.

These claims have ignited public controversy and confusion, with demands for a full investigation into the alleged abuses.

This controversy deepens particularly because the prison authorities have staunchly denied the existence of surveillance cameras yesterday, while her sister ardently affirms the contrary.

Before her incarceration, Saida Alami was a staunch advocate for Rif activists incarcerated in Morocco, including jailed Moroccan journalists. She is known for her strongly-worded blog posts critiquing institutions like the judiciary and the security establishment.

Reports in the Moroccan media state that criticism of the king, a practice deemed illegal under Moroccan law, has led to her arrest.

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