Tragic Find: Boy Found Dead after Intense Floods Hit Bouyebelan

Tragic Find: Boy Found Dead after Intense Floods Hit Bouyebelan


Taza, Bouyebelan – In a somber end to a 16-hour-long rescue mission, local and security forces have recovered the body of a 14-year-old boy who was swept away by torrential floodwaters in the Bouyebelan community, Taza region. The boy, a native of Douar Tamatrouch, was caught in the destructive floods which were triggered by heavy rainfall in the region.

Teams of rescuers, hindered by the relentless rain and challenging weather conditions, tirelessly combed the valley throughout the night and well into the next day. Their search culminated in the heartbreaking discovery of the boy’s lifeless body.

Besides the tragic loss of life, the raging floods have also wreaked havoc on the local agriculture, a primary source of livelihood for many residents. The floodwaters have not only erased countless acres of fertile land but also annihilated precious crops of fruit trees and vegetables, further exacerbating the community’s suffering.

The tragedy has provoked a wave of criticism towards regional elected officials, who locals argue are notably absent in times of crisis. The community accuses these representatives of making lofty promises and actively seeking votes during election times, but failing to provide tangible support or disaster management solutions when calamities such as these strikes.

“During elections, they’re everywhere, but when disaster strikes, they’re nowhere to be found,” expressed a local resident, reflecting a sentiment that seems prevalent in the community.