Tragic Scorpion Sting Claims Life of Infant in Tata

Tragic Scorpion Sting Claims Life of Infant in Tata

Scorpion hiding in a local house. Image for illustration purposes only.

A heartbreaking tragedy unfolded yesterday as an 18-month-old baby boy died following a scorpion sting in the remote rural community of Foum Zguid, located in the Tata region of Souss-Massa.

The infant took his last breath at the Hassan II Regional Hospital in Agadir, where he had been in intensive care since the incident. The unforeseen event has left the family and surrounding community in profound shock and sorrow.

Last Sunday’s incident occurred when the infant was stung by a venomous scorpion, a common threat in the region especially as summer approaches and temperatures rise.

Immediately after the incident, the child was rushed to the hospital, but despite the intensive care, the boy succumbed to the venom.

For years, local associations have been warning about the risk of increased scorpion and snake populations in rural regions far from urban centers during the warm summer months.

During the summertime, scorpions and other hazardous creatures venture closer to human dwellings in their quest for water. This behavior has been notably prevalent over recent years as Morocco grapples with record-breaking drought conditions.

The Moroccan Times.