Judge’s Wife exposes Judicial Bribery in Tetouan’s Court of Appeal

Judge’s Wife exposes Judicial Bribery in Tetouan’s Court of Appeal


According to the Moroccan paper Assabah, a serious corruption case is unfolding in Tetouan, Morocco. The wife of a legal counsel for judges for the city’s Court of Appeal has accused her husband of selling court rulings, especially to those involved in drug trafficking and other serious crimes.

The paper said the wife provided recordings where her husband admits to issuing rulings favoring certain individuals, who had been initially convicted, but were later acquitted.

These individuals exchanged large sums of money for the assurance of receiving favorable rulings.

One particular case in the recording refers to a drug baron, who had initially been sentenced to eight years in prison, but was later acquitted due to the judge’s ruling.

Another case mentioned a luxurious car, the ‘Lamborghini case’, where the car owner was exonerated on appeal, notwithstanding the falsification of the car’s documents.

The recording also unveils the case of a factory owner who was favorably treated in a ruling against his workers.

According to Assabah, the recordings are currently being investigated by the National Judicial Police Squad.

They’re expected to listen to the wife’s claims, investigate the accusations, and then proceed with the husband’s hearing.

As reported by Assabah, the judge’s wife unveiled her husband’s misconduct as he had married a second wife and indulged her with gifts and financial support, while starkly neglecting his first wife. This disparity in treatment impelled her to seek revenge, as per Assabah.