CDG Corruption Scandal: Both CDG and CGI Heads Sacked

CDG Corruption Scandal: Both CDG and CGI Heads Sacked



Back at summer time, high positioned Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG) and La Compagnie Générale Immobilière (CGI) employees have been investigated by the judicial police, based on the preliminary findings and data gathered by the Joint Finance-Interior Committee, established upon the request of King Mohammed VI, following various beneficiaries of the housing projects in the north of Morocco -which La CDG through its subsidiary CGI are taking charge of- sending a collective grievance to King Mohammed VI, informing him that they were subject to a corruption scandal.

During this very week, not only the head of the CGI, Ali Ghanam, was sacked, but the Director General of the CDG, Anas Alami, was also suspended from his duties.

Though no official statements were issued on both sackings, but most Moroccan newspapers affirm that it is in relation to what is known in Morocco nowadays as the “CDG corruption scandal.”

It is worth reminding that most of the beneficiaries that triggered the scandal when contacting King Mohammed VI are Moroccans living abroad.

The Moroccan Times.