ISIS Menace to Spread, World Peace at Stake, Cautions Astro-Gemmologist Dr Raza

ISIS Menace to Spread, World Peace at Stake, Cautions Astro-Gemmologist Dr Raza


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The so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Sevant (ISIS)menace is going to spread to newer areas and become a threat to world peace warns an astro-gemmologist from India. The young man who reportedly predicted the recent devastating earth quake in Nepal, Dr M. M Raza spoke to The Moroccan Times about his tryst with gems and astrology and the issues that confront the common man. Dr Raza is based in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad  — the city of pearls and gems. The world famous Kohinoor diamond sitting pretty in the British Queen Elizabeth’s crown was mined from Golconda – the capital of the erstwhile Qutb Shahi Sultans , who founded the 400-year old historic city of Hyderabad.

Dr M. M Raza.
Dr M. M Raza.

Dr Raza claims that the ISIS will pose a challenge to world peace. The terrorist organization led by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi will spread like wildfire in areas hitherto unknown. Dr Raza opined that Iraq will bear the brunt in the days to come. He has asked Kuwait and India to watch out for ISIS activities. He explains that his assumptions are based on current planetary positions. He is an acclaimed master  in astronomy, astrology and gemology. While astronomy concerns the study of stars and planets, astrology studies the effects of stars and planets on human beings. Gemmology is the study of gems and precious stones. Astro-gemmology combines the three and makes a scientific study into their inter relationship.

The amazing astro-gemmologist Dr M M Raza is a visible face on 12 Indian television channels in Telugu language. He also presents a live chat show – Jawaharaat ka Karishma on ETV Urdu channel. Currently, he is busy giving finishing touches to his book – ‘The Powers of Gems’, which will be simultaneously released in more than 150 countries later this month.

The Moroccan Times quizzed him to ask as to how the gems , which are actually stones can effect or bring about a change in human lives? Dr Raza says everything is determined by the Almighty Creator but He has put a system in place for smooth functioning of the universe. For example, rains are determined by the Almighty but a system is prescribed for it where water vapour condensed in the air form clouds and temperature precipitates rains. Dr Raza asks as to why there is a medical system in place and why do doctors prescribe medicines when the truth is that the diseases and the cure are from the Almighty? He says gems help treating various diseases and problems and they are Nemathullah – blessings from the Almighty. Dr Raza quotes verses from Surah Ar Rahman,Surah Yasin and other Surahs from the Holy Quran and drives home the point that the Almighty Allah has asked and encouraged mankind to look into and ponder over the objects of His creation including the heaven, the stars and the moon in order we understand His signs and thereby know His supreme might, glory and greatness.

Dr Raza has been consulted by more than 200,000 people. He listens to his TV audience on his live telecast shows on various channels. He studies the callers’ birth charts on his laptop then and there and suggests various gems for different diseases and problems. It can be said that it is like ‘horses for courses.’  At his vast showroom  in Hyderabad— Rasikh, Dr Raza dispenses gems, sometimes free ro the poor and the needy. He says the gems are energized with the recitation of Surah Al Mulk and Aayatul Kursi from Surah Baqarah.  He ends on a positive note by saying that he is serving the human race.

After all, it is said that service to man is service to God. Dr Raza was pleasantly surprised and elated when The Moroccan Times approached  him on a subject dear to his heart – astro-gemmology. He felt that with our long call, he is destined to shine like a gem in the continent of Africa too.

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