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Khalid Boulbourj
Khalid Boulbourj is a teacher trainee at the CRMEF. He graduated from the University of Hassan 2, Mohammedia, Morocco.

On the “Ban” of Burqas in Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco- While Moroccans have been waiting eagerly for anti-corruption associations and the Ministry of Interior to expose money embezzlers, corrupt politicians, and opportunistic...

Is the waste Imported from Italy to Morocco Toxic-free?

The Italian city of Naples is known globally to be a fascinating city. But its surroundings are also known for its dumping locations managed...

Morocco’s Non-Boycotting Teacher Trainees: The Oppressed Minority

Much has been said about the assaults and barbaric treatments that boycotting teacher trainees were subjected to by Moroccan police officers and members of...