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Khalid Boulbourj

Khalid Boulbourj
Khalid Boulbourj is an English high school teacher. He graduated from the University of Hassan II, Mohammedia, Morocco. Khalid has written several articles in English.

Domestic violence under lockdown: a shadow pandemic

Stay home is one of the most trending hashtags on social networks and it is also one of the most important measures health experts...

On the “Ban” of Burqas in Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco- While Moroccans have been waiting eagerly for anti-corruption associations and the Ministry of Interior to expose money embezzlers, corrupt politicians, and opportunistic...

Is the waste Imported from Italy to Morocco Toxic-free?

The Italian city of Naples is known globally to be a fascinating city. But its surroundings are also known for its dumping locations managed...