The Land of Opportunity is Not So Beautiful

The Land of Opportunity is Not So Beautiful



In my travels in Morocco, I hear the same general argument that “America is the land of opportunity. I want to go there someday. You Americans have it all!!”  Once upon a time that was likely true, but times are changing rapidly. Many who come to the United States in the hopes of new opportunities are often shocked that all the opportunity has faded like a fond summer memory.

With unemployment still on the rise (despite what the government tries to tell the people), the only gold glittering is that from the pockets of the wealthy one percent. Never before in American history has there been such a mass disparity between the haves and the have nots. The middle class is facing its last dying gasps before the twilight of the age of prosperity approaches. While Americans visiting in Morocco seem well off, it is quickly evident that this is purely relative once the outside observer peers into American life. The American way of life has become far too expensive and it begins to reflect the same image as elsewhere. College graduates struggle just to find a job to live on let alone something in their field of study. The joy seen in those students studying abroad is soon replaced with resignation as the bleak prospect of employment rises before them. The days of prosperity died when war became common in the American existence.

The United States has focused so much attention to winning foolish wars of pride, that the problems at home were not addressed until it is too late.  The land of opportunity is now rife with religious lunacy, the rich holding our nation hostage over profit instead of good will. Immigrants from all over the world who at least felt they had a wisp of hope are now looked upon with scorn and often considered the enemy. Gone are the days of logic and hope. The days of lunatics who believe the world is going to Hell because of homosexuality have come. Gone are the days of glory. A new dark age rises. So if I were to give any advice to Moroccans who believe they can escape misery and come to America and live well, it would be wake up and realize the Empire of Gold is facing its final sunset.

By Kelly Cook