Libyan protesters trying to ship oil to N. Korea

Libyan protesters trying to ship oil to N. Korea


A tanker flying a North Korean flag has been confirmed to be docked at a port in eastern Libya, which is controlled by anti-government forces.

Media outlets in Libya, the US and other western countries reported that the vessel was docked on Saturday at an oil export terminal at Es Sider port.A TV station run by anti-government forces reported that protestors were holding a ceremony to declare the start of oil exports, bypassing the central government.Militia groups that toppled the government of Muammar al-Qadhafi in 2011 have been gaining territory and taking control of oil fields in the process.

It has yet to be confirmed whether crude oil was loaded onto the ship.
But the latest development is seen as a move by North Korea to import oil from Libya’s anti-government forces.

The Libyan government says oil exports by protesters are illegal. In a news conference, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan warned of a possible attack on the tanker.

Source: NHK News