Quebec Elections: Liberal Party wins the majority and defeats separatists of “Parti...

Quebec Elections: Liberal Party wins the majority and defeats separatists of “Parti Quebecois”




Quebec- The Quebec Liberal Party won the elections held in the province on Monday.

They won with a crushing majority of 70 seats out of 125.

The party Quebecois took 30 seats, the Coalition Avenir Quebec 22, and the 3 remaining seats were taken by Quebec Solidaire.

After 19 months of their ousting from power, the Liberals are back and will form the next majority government in Quebec.

Liberal party leader Philippe Couillard promised, during his victory speech, that he would serve as the premier of all Quebecers and that he would work to unite the Quebec population. He said: “Tonight Quebec has won. All of Quebec has won by giving itself a stable government.”

Throughout his campaign, Couillard focused on the economy as his first priority and promised to create 250000 job opportunities in Quebec. “Quebec now has a priority of economy and employment. Quebec has chosen union and openness,” he added.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper reacted to the results saying: “The results clearly demonstrate that Quebeckers have rejected the idea of a referendum and want a government that will be focused on the economy and job creation.”

Shortly after the results were announced, the leader of the Parti Québecois, Pauline Marois who lost her own seat in the district of Charlevoix-Côte-de-Beaupré to her liberal opponent, stepped down as the leader of the party. Her proposed charter of values created a major controversy in Quebec and left the population divided. The charter would have banned the wearing and display of all religious symbols by public sector employees.

Imane Chatri, from Quebec.