Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Slams US, EU

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Slams US, EU

Photo Credits: FARS
Photo Credits: FARS
An Egyptian coalition of Islamic parties said the United States and the European Union are supporting the Cairo military-backed government in its crackdown on people.

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance has issued a statement describing a recent visit by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton as an “evil” visit, press tv reported.

The statement added that the alliance is not relying on the West to solve the political crisis in Egypt, saying it is frustrated with West’s hypocrisy to hide behind loose condemnations of human rights violations.

The alliance, where the Muslim Brotherhood is the biggest faction, also said that Ashton had made the right decision not to meet with alliance leaders since the coalition of Islamic parties would not have accepted such a meeting.

Earlier this week, Ashton visited Egypt and held meetings with interim president, Adly Mansour, and former army chief, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Ashton, however, failed to meet with Sisi’s main rival, Hamdeen Sabbahi.

Ashton hailed Sisi’s presidential bid in the upcoming elections and expressed support for the army-imposed roadmap that came into force after the overthrow of Mohamed Mursi, the first democratically-elected president of Egypt, in July 2013.

Ashton also stated that the EU would send observers to Egypt elections in May and it would closely follow the electoral process.

State institutions and media are all geared toward Sisi’s candidacy, a situation which undermines the chances of a fair competition for any other candidate.

Sisi is accused of leading a severe crackdown against supporters of Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Source: FARS