Spain: Two Moroccans Sue George Bush

Spain: Two Moroccans Sue George Bush



According to Spanish media, Pablo Ruz, a judge in Spain’s highest court, has reactivated a complaint against former U.S. president George Bush for “torture and kidnapping” filed by several former Guantanamo detainees, including two Moroccans.

The two Moroccan detainees whose names Hamed Abderrahman Ahmad,a Spanish citizen of Moroccan origins ( he was born in Ceuta ), and Lahcen Ikassrien(from Al Hoceima) say they were kidnapped and tortured illegally in Guantanamo.

The complaint dates back to 2009 and was also filed also against Dick Cheney ( former U.S Vice President ) , Donald Rumsfeld ( former U.S Secretary of Defense ), and several members of Guantanamo’s executives.

On a sideline note, it is worth saying that The United States has no legal authority to sue and judge Americans for crimes committed ” in war time.”  

In fact, according to the Council on Foreign relations(CFR), The United States is not even part of the International Criminal Court (ICC ).

“The United States has long had an uneasy relationship with the International Court of Justice, which primarily arbitrates legal disputes among UN member nations that recognize its jurisdiction. The United States withdrew from the court’s compulsory jurisdiction in 1986 after the court ruled it owed Nicaragua war reparations,” the CFR says.

The Moroccan Times.