Kim Urges N. Korea Soldiers to Ready for ‘Impending Conflict’

Kim Urges N. Korea Soldiers to Ready for ‘Impending Conflict’

Photo Credits: FARS


Kim Jong-Un
┬áNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-Un chided his soldiers, telling them to be ready for “impending conflict with the United States”, Pyongyang media reported on Saturday as satellites showed a nuclear test could be near.

The report comes as US President Barack Obama finishes up a two-day visit to South Korea, where he warned the North it faced tougher sanctions if the underground detonation went ahead, AFP reported.

It also comes after Pyongyang claimed it had been holding a young American for two weeks.

Kim, the supreme commander of the North’s 1.2-million-strong armed forces often visits military units to deliver on-the-spot “guidance” on ways to strengthen preparedness.

He usually lavishes them with praise and presents gifts such as rifles or binoculars as symbols of their vigilance.

Source: FARS