An open Letter to U.S. President, U.S. Senators and Congressmen

An open Letter to U.S. President, U.S. Senators and Congressmen


Dear U.S. President, U.S. Senators and Congressmen,

Last time I checked, there were 50 States in the Union. None of them was called Israel! Again, when I checked, I noticed that Detroit, Michigan is a city in the United States of America; a city which became a ghost town, the first city ever in the history of the United States to declare bankruptcy; people have deserted it and the few left are hanging on a thread of General Motors, which has spared to keep that city on the map.

Now, wouldn’t those $3 Billion spared to the Hebrew State be of a good use domestically? As a proud American citizen, I feel gutted to see that much money is going overseas while we have a lot of work to be done at home.

Mr. President, have you walked in Southeast Washington, DC without Secret Service agents? Have you been able to see the amount of poverty and crime in the nation’s capital? Can you imagine what $3 Billion would do to develop poorer areas? Why that money would not be spent on improving the rotting educational system in Washington, DC? Why not invest that money on anything domestically, like tightening the U.S. borders for instance?

The million dollars question is: What do we gain from Israel as Americans? Do you have any idea about the damage our unconditional support to Tel Aviv does to us wherever we go around the world? Do you and your cabinet care about our flag being burned, simply because we blindly support the systematic ethnic cleansing Israel is conducting against civilians in Palestinian occupied lands?

 Our credibility as Americans is shattered; no one has faith in us anymore. The world witnessed us destroying a country (Iraq) based on a lie from a President in 2003. The world witnessed how we have been supporting tyrants in the Arab world so that we can gain control over energy resources and dictate oil prices to better suit our egoistic needs. We brag about democracy. Is this how we teach it to the world?

We are sick and tired of the double standards your administration is using in its international transactions. You condemn anything from Palestinians, yet I have not heard a single official condemning China for its atrocities against Tibetans and the Muslim minority in there. We have not heard a single word against the authorities in Myanmar for the ethnic cleansing Buddhists are conducting against Muslims. Shall I bring your attention to a country called Central Africa, wherein Muslims are slaughtered on a daily basis by Christians? Your administration is turning a blind eye and pretending that you have heard nothing and seen nothing. This is not fair Mr. President. Where is justice Sir?

Mr. President, the U.S. reputation is on the line and so are we as Americans. This has to stop and the use of a fair foreign policy is imminent. We cannot afford ruining our image any further. It is about time that what we “The People” stand for, what our Founding Fathers fought and stood for, and if the U.S. tyranny will be its trademark, then the Founding Fathers fought for nothing and found this country to be no better than that of King George!

Maybe if people from Detroit form a lobby firm like AIPAC, then they might get something. I am sorry Mr. President, but it seems to the world that you have lost control over your office, and AIPAC has taken over. Why are you so scared of them, and yes I used the word “scared”. How can a mighty power like us, Sir, gets frightened by a nation of under 6 Million?!

This message Sir is not against Jewish people or Judaism as a faith, it is against few politicians in the State of Israel who are eager to wipe out an entire population under the world’s watch. We all condemned the Holocaust Sir at Auschwitz or any other Nazi camp, but what we witness now in the world is that Israelis are mimicking what Adolf Hitler did to their ancestors. This is an ethnic cleansing by excellence Mr. President, and I call on the House of Senates to open an immediate investigation on this matter. We cannot stand still and watch many children, civilians, women and elderly getting bombed every day. We would not allow it to happen to Israelis, so why are we on a standby mode and fostering a neutral approach to the conflict?

Mr. President, holy sites in Jerusalem have been violated against all codes and virtues, whether civic or theological. Israel is conducting a scorched earth policy against Palestinian civilians. This is utterly unacceptable and against all international laws and treaties.

Mr. President, you can mark your second term by ordering an immediate transparent investigation against the atrocities committed by Israeli soldiers, by ordering an immediate cease fire in Gaza and by calling on an immediate UN assembly to look into pushing towards solving the long awaited peace in the region. Stop the U.S. aid to Israel for failing to respect international treaties and its mutual conventions with Palestinians.

Mr. President, you are the first U.S. black President, and we are proud of you. Be the first world leader to halt Israel and ditch it from the U.S. Treasury payroll. It is not fair for us as proud Americans to see our money spent in killing innocent Palestinian children, Sir. Their blood is in your hands and ours as well, and we should be all ashamed of ourselves Sir for how we become and how we turned out to be. This is not the America George Washington fought for. This is not the America Franklin D. Roosevelt fought for. This is not the America Ronald Reagan fought for. We are far better than that Mr. President, way better than that.

Thank you Mr. President and God bless America.

[symple_box color=”blue” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”]Mourad Beni-ich

Mr.Mourad Beni-ich is a Political, Intelligence & Strategic Analyst based in Washington, DC.

Mr.Beni-ich holds a BA in Law, a BA in Political Sciences, a MA in Security and Intelligence Analyses, a MA in Global Terrorism and a PhD in International Politics. His studies were pursued in England and the U.S.

Mr.Beni-ich began his career as a lawyer working for the British Home Office (The Ministry of Interior) as well as The British Foreign Office. Mr.Beni-ich gave many lectures in the United States regarding the current affairs in the MENA region, both in universities and organizations. Mr. Beni-ich is currently based in Washington, DC where he lobbies for the Moroccan affairs and coordinates with many U.S. officials and Think-Tanks to promote Morocco’s interests, both in the United States and Morocco.