Moroccan Rabbi Attacked in Casablanca because of “Israel’s Airstrikes on Gaza”

Moroccan Rabbi Attacked in Casablanca because of “Israel’s Airstrikes on Gaza”

Moroccan Rabbi Moshe Ohayon
Moroccan Rabbi Moshe Ohayon

A Moroccan citizen of Jewish descent called Moshe Ohayon was severely beaten last Friday by a Moroccan young in Casablanca, following the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

The sad event happened when the Moroccan citizen Moshe, who happens to be the Rabbi of a Synagogue in Casablanca, was heading back home from the synagogue after performing his daily prayers.

The aggressor started the assault saying: “Are you Jewish? Huh? Tstahel (Moroccan word that means you deserve what happens to you) to be hit for what you are doing to my brothers [Palestinians in Gaza].”

According to the Moroccan news outlet Telquel, The attacker, afterwards, started to perform a series of feet kicks against the Moroccan Rabbi until this latter fainted away.

“He did not stop hitting me until I started bleeding. What shocked me the most is that nobody in the street tried to help me,” The Rabbi said to Telquel.

“I filed a complaint and I will sue the aggressor,” the Rabbi added.

The Jewish community in Morocco condemned those anti-Semitic attacks and said that its members are concerned that the level of anti-Semitism witnessed in Morocco has increased since the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

Moroccan Muslims from all wakes of life have condemned this act of terrorism against the Moroccan Rabbi.

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